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Our advantages

People first, customers first

Since its establishment, the company has advocated the concept of quality, service and mutual win

Focus on quality, consistent quality

Our products are manufactured in strict accordance with the advanced domestic standards of API, ANSI, JIS, ISO, BS, JB and GB to ensure that every product is a sample.

strong strength

mingyi is a professional manufacturer dedicated to the whole series of forged steel valves.

The supremacy of credibility

Develop the market with meticulous service and sincere attitude, win the market

High quality scene

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About us
About Us
Zhejiang mingyi valve technology co. LTD
Contact person: Alex Liu - Manager
Tel: +86 577 67017717
Fax: +86 577 67017718
Mobile: +86 13868321823
Email: [email protected]
Add: No.2 LinYang Industrial Road, Oubei Town, Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province. 
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